The Willamette Valley

The reason we can do what we do. The valley rests in the northwest corner of Oregon between the Coast Range and the Cascade Mountains, stretching from Portland to Eugene. Its geological and climatic diversity gives our winegrowing team plenty to work with. 

All of our vineyards are rooted in the Willamette Valley, and our goal with each wine is to bring you a snapshot of that varietal grown in Northern Oregon for that year. 




Our vineyards sit around the 45 N latitude. We are halfway between the equator and the north pole, which gives us ample sunshine and makes sure our vines don’t get too hot. 

Our summer days are filled with 15 hours of sugar-producing sunshine and our nighttime temperatures usually dip down into sweater-wearing temps. This combination grows wines that are fruity and vibrant. 




Cool climate varietals are soft spoken. They will ripen and make wine in many regions, but for they to truely sing in your glass they need to be grown on the edge. 

Every vintage we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Will she make it easy or will she bring us stress. Either way, she builds character in our fruit. The character that can only be found in a cool climate. 



Grapevines are survivors, they’re scavengers of both the sky and the soil. If there are nutrients out there, their roots will find it. The Willamette Valley has a long history of geological diversity. From ancient sea floor beds to volcanic eruptions to walls of water mover soil thousands of mile, our wines find their diversity from the soils that they are grown in.