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This isn\’t your momma\’s Riesling. 

Grown in the southern Willamette Valley, the Kudos Riesling is all about surprise and delight. 

While Pinot Noirs account for much of the rage in the Willamette Valley, the stock of aromatic white wines is increasingly on the rise.

The Kudos Riesling is the type of wine that can really surprise you. Grown in the southern Willamette Valley, the grapes benefit from sunnier, warmer conditions throughout the growing season that allow for the fruit to soak up the sun, develop the ripe fruit and sugar levels that we look for in order to balance out riesling’s incredible natural acidity.

Because we have that great, sweeter fruit, we’re able to make our Riesling in a drier style that brings out vibrancy, intricate citrus flavors and freshness that it\’s able to effortlessly maintain for several years.

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\”Riesling always seems to be alive in the bottle. Every time you open it, it\’s different from your last encounter. I love the intrigue and development that the wines show.  \”

-Laurent Montalieu | Owner & Vigneron

Our Winemaking with Riesling

The ultimate goal in our winemaking is to get out of the way of our vineyards and the fruit that they produce. This means to trust the work that we put into the vineyard during the growing season. In the winery, we treat each vineyard and block differently. We want to build depth and breath while still representing the terroir of our vineyards.  

We’re working off a wide range of soils (basalt, sedimentary, alluvial), elevations ranging from sea level all the way up to 750 ft above and vineyard sites across the valley. 

With Riesling in the Willamette Valley, it is all about that time is mid to late September when the skins start to soften. The weather is crucial this time of year. With our Riesling, we\’d love just one day or rain followed by nothing but a lovely Oregon Fall. This results in just a touch of Nobler Rot on the fruit, which brings a golden spice to the wines. In the winery, we whole-cluster press and ferment cool. 

 Kudos to you for choosing a wine to pair with your journey. 

Our Farming

We farm over 500 acres across Oregon\’s Willamette Valley. Our goal every day is to make our land better than the day before. We believe that for wines to truly shine, your vineyards must be in balance. All of our vineyards are dry-farmed and herbicide- free.